Wow, they are good

Posted On December 2, 2009

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Today’s topic is about our best restaurant moment. Me and my family rarely go out all together, because one of my brothers has trouble with crowded situations, and my other brother usually just hops right on the bandwagon(he’s 6), and that never helps. Well, this is a major problem for me because I like those situations, and I am able to handle it. So, my Dad usually takes me out and we make an afternoon. We recently went to a place called the “Mongolian Barbeque”. But the best part is that it isn’t a barbeque place! I really don’t like barbeque. What it really is is a type of Chinese buffet where you pick the ingredients for your soup(including the broth), put them in a bowl, and some guys take the uncooked ingredients, put them on a huge grill, and cook it all right there in front of you!! They were real experts. In fact, they didn’t even need tongs to lift the food into the bowls!! They got the food into the bowls by pushing the food off the grill and into the bowl. So that is my favorite restaurant moment.


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