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Posted On December 1, 2009

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Hey y’all!! I know that it’s been a while, and I want to thank those who stuck with me. I know that it’s been hard waiting, so I am gonna try hard. Anyways, me and mom are doing this thing where every day, this december, we will do a blog post on a certain subject that is on a website (if you look on my blog, you can find it on the bottom of my blog). It is pretty exiting for both of us, and you can do it to, if you have a blog. My mom did it before me, so her number is #167, while mine is #178. Anyways, today’s subject is about our most memorable trip this year. For me, it was our first trip in our rig (witch we call Two House) on the Madison river. We went to an amazing geological formation called Ringing Rocks (google it) where the rocks were aranged in such a way that they toll like they were hollow. But don’t, I repeat, DONT take the rocks away from the site, because they won’t ring. they will just thump. Well, that just about ends my post. so, see you all tomorrow, I guess.


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