A Poem of Summer Breezes

Posted On August 25, 2008

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Here is a poem for all of you out there to enjoy.

Summer Breezes


You step outside

into the wide

and yet majestic world.

A wisp stirs your hair,

and yet there’s nothing there

and a new belief in your head is unfurled.

So you get your feet dirty,

and run laps, thirty,

all the way around the yard.

You go to a park,

and you feel a tree’s bark,

which is so very hard.

Then you run home, happy,

with your fingers all sappy

and they smell faintly of pine.

You eat some fresh fruit,

then you go shoot,

a basket or two before you dine.






One Response to “A Poem of Summer Breezes”

  1. Grammy

    Dear Ben,

    Your poem is great! I could picture you doing all of the activities you described. Thank you for sharing it here on your website. I’ve written a few over the years that I’d be glad to share with you if you’d like. Let me know.
    Love, Grammy XXOO

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