Sea Glass and Shells, My Oh My!

Posted On July 2, 2008

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When we went to Rhode Island, me and my great aunt Karen went sea glass hunting at Fort Adams.  We found some excellent specimens of sea glass.  I think we even found a purple or amethyst piece of sea glass.  It is predicted that the odds of finding a piece of purple or amethyst piece of sea glass is 1 in every 200-300 pieces of sea glass collected.  We also found what I think is opaque white sea glass, more commonly called Milk glass.  Other colors of Milk glass include green, blue, and also ( for goodness sakes ) purple. 

We also found some tiny shards of cobalt or cornflower blue.  Dark cobalt blue was usually used for poison bottles and medicine bottles to make them poke out in a crowd so that one would not grab a medicine bottle by mistake.  Also to stop mistakes, the shape of poison bottles was changed in the 1870’s to be different for hospitals so that patients would not acidentally grab poison bottles in the dark resulting in a horrible mistake. 

Karen even showed me her collection of sea glass.  Karen has some excellent specimens that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at.  She has soft green and soft blue, both are labelled uncommon.  I think she even has some extremely rare colors such as yellow.  She has pink sea glass colors, and she definitely has  gazillions of all the common colors ( Kelly Green, Brown, and White (clear)).

I had a very fun time in Newport and searching for sea glass.  My information came from the book Pure Sea Glass : Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems by Richard LaMotte.  The photographs in the book were taken by Celia Pearson.  It was published by Sea Glass Publishing in Chestertown Mayland.  I found out about the book a couple of years ago when we still lived in Newport.  Karen had purchased the book and she showed it to me.  When we were visiting Newport Nan gave me a copy of the book for my birthday.  I have had it ever since.


One Response to “Sea Glass and Shells, My Oh My!”

  1. Grammy

    Dear Ben,
    I love sea glass too. I have a very small collection – much smaller than yours or your Aunt Karen’s. My favorite piece is a light green piece. The search is as much fun as the finding!

    One day I was looking for sea glass in Margate, NJ and I saw a small piece of light green sticking out of the sand. I started to brush away the sand and the piece appeared to be bigger and bigger until I dug out a complete – and very old – Coke bottle. It was all worn and bubbly, but intact. I am looking at the bottle now as it sits on my desk! I will now think of you as I look at the bottle each day.
    Love, Grammy XXOO

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