Camping Fishing Trip

Posted On June 30, 2008

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the campsite in it\'s full gloryWe recently went camping with a bunch of guys from Dad’s work and their families.  We slept in our new RV that Ethan christened “two house”.  The RV ( recreational vehicle ) had one overhead bed, one table bed, and one normal bed in the back.  We stayed at the campsite for 2 days and a night.  The campsite itself was called Hood Creek campground in the Hyalite Canyon.

Me, a man named John, and his daughter Mary went fishing in the morning on our last day there.  We had a few bites and we caught four fish.  I did not think that we were going to catch anything, I dozed until my line got a bite.  I was still half asleep then, so I was looking around crazily until I realized that my line shook and my rod had bent!  By this point, you can guess that I was pretty excited because they had only caught one fish during the entire week.  A few minutes later, my rod started bending like crazy and then John yelled, “You have a fish!  Start reeling it in!”  I started reeling it in slowly and exactly the way John had instructed me to.  John held the net at the ready, but it turned out that it was a two year old cutthroat trout that did not require the net.  It was funny because the fish was all relaxed when it came out of the water, but the second John touched it, it started flopping and flying around like mad!

John soon caught another cutthroat trout in the same general area, that was the same age as the one that I had caught.  Then after 30 minutes to an hour, I hooked another fish, but I let Mary reel it in because she had not caught any.  She had gotten a couple of bites that did not bite the area with the hook.  A few minutes later, I hooked another one that I reeled in.  That was our last fish.

Fishing was not all that I did during our camping trip.  I lit a couple of matches and put them in the fire, I made a couple of paper airplanes and stuck them in the fire to see how they would burn up.  We made s’mores and roasted marshmallows.  We just enjoyed nature itself ( nature being huge swarms of male mosquitoes that would blow in from the hills and buzz around until they blew away and the next set would blow in and the process would repeat ). 

All in all, I had an excellent camping trip and I want to go camping soon.  When I next go camping, you will hear about it.


3 Responses to “Camping Fishing Trip”

  1. Patrick

    Sounds like a blast Ben. The next time you come out this way I have a special pond we can go to with my canoe. Every time I go to this pond I catch at least six Largemouth Bass, plus a few pickerel and spotties. I had a great time with you and your brothers while you were here and I can not wait to see you again!

  2. Nan

    Recently when I was out in Ohio at Kurt’s he suggested we go fishing in the pond in his back yard. It has been stocked with trout. Time did not allow but it is a must to do on my next trip out. Baba and I used to go fresh water catfishing in Crane Indiana when I was about Ethan’s age! Sounds like you all had a great time in two house. How did everyone sleep? It is so nice to lay awake at night and listen to nature. I can’t wait for you to go camping again so I can read what you do next!! Love Nan

  3. Grammy

    Hi Ben,
    I so enjoyed reading about your camping trip in Two House! I’ve never caught a fish – it sort of grosses me out to think of getting the fish off the hook and cleaning it to eat. Did you do those tasks? Did you eat your fish?
    It was very kind of you to let Mary reel in the fish because she had not hooked one.
    You mentioned “male mosquitoes” – How did you know they were male?
    Ben, I like to read your Blog – so keep on posting!
    Love, Grammy XXOO
    PS Thanks for the “thank you” card.

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