Barak Obama Rally

Posted On May 20, 2008

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Last night me and Mom went to the Barak Obama rally in Bozeman.  Barak Obama was an excellent speaker.  Everyone was yelling and cheering for him and I even got a sign that says “Change we can believe in”.  I thought that he had a sense of humour and also a strong desire to fix America’s problems at the same time.  In other words, he was stern but funny.  I agreed with pretty much everything he said except for he believes that children should be put into education at an early age.  I disagree with him at the point of education because that will just separate kids from their parents too early.  Also, when do kids get to be kids?  When do they get to explore and learn at their own pace?

Seven thousand people showed up at the rally, and that’s just Bozeman area Obama fans. 


3 Responses to “Barak Obama Rally”

  1. Grammy

    Dear Ben,
    Seeing Obama speak must have been exciting! I like the message on your sign. My state voted for Clinton, but I voted for Obama. Uncle Mike and Aunt Michelle voted for him in PA. I hope he gets the nomination, although Clinton is also an excellent candidate. The whole concept of Super Delegates confuses me.

    It sounds like you have a strong opinion about education. I’m sure that opinion grows from your positive experience with your own education!

    Ben, enjoy your days and please give every member of your family a hug for me – including the feline and canine ones! Love, Grammy

  2. Pop Pop


    We here in AZ both like Mr. Obama although he lost the State. He is a new face for all of us and change is what we need in this country. I’m tired of all the years of the Clinton’s and Bush folks.

    As for Clinton, I feel she is not someone I trust. I have followed this election very closely and have seen many examples of Clinton changing her views to suit her needs. I do feel she is a better choice than McCain.

    McCain is another story as I feel he is another George Bush. I have had it with the Republican party.

    Finally, as for Education ideas expressed by Mr. Obama. Education is what will make our country strong. We have fallen behind and I feel he doesn’t means that kids can’t be kids.

    Well, take care Mr. Ben. Hope you and all the family is well.


    Pop Pop & Nu Nu

  3. Uncle Mike

    I saw an Obama rally as well. I’m very hopeful that he will be elected.

    I must agree with poppop that I don’t think he’s saying kids can’t be kids. Minds are like bodies, they must be fed properly to grow. If you don’t start the feeding early when do you start it and when is it too late. Besides, I don’t think it’s education that keeps kids from being kids, I think it’s lack of nurturing and understanding from parents that keeps kids from kids.

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