Redwall Party (cont.)

Posted On May 15, 2008

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the fighting force of Bozeman Redwall fansThe Redwall party was based on the Brian Jacques Redwall books, for all of you who want to know.  We made name tags with the names of some of the characters in the book, then we had a Redwall trivia game (most of which I was able to answer correctly), we had a Redwall feast on card tables, and then we made cardboard swords, and then we went home.  The food at the feast was pretty good, but the October Ale wasn’t as good as the kind we made at home.

If you would like to know more about Brian Jacques and his books, then go to

If you get that humungous hare hunger, go to

to tame the Salamandastron in you. (salamandastron… a mouthfull, isn’t it)


2 Responses to “Redwall Party (cont.)”

  1. Grammy

    Thanks for informing me about the Redwall Party. It sound like it was fun! I now remember about Brain Jacques and his series of books. Love, Grammy XXOO

  2. Browser

    You may be interested in the Redwall Wiki,

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