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Posted On May 15, 2008

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Here’s a quick little entry!  A couple of days ago we planted the seeds that needed to be started indoors.  Nothing has appeared yet, but we are confident some seedlings will show up soon.  Arthur planted cantaloupe, Ethan planted sunflowers, and I planted pansies for my plot of the garden.  Arthur and Ethan will also get their own parts of the garden and Mom and Dad have their own part, too.  Besides pansies, I am planting peas, beans, tomatoes, marigolds, corn, and cucumbers.  When we come back from Rhode Island, we will plant the seeds that will be started outdoors.  We will all care for our own sections of the garden!  I will post pictures of the garden for everyone when the garden is planted. 


2 Responses to “A Quick Note”

  1. Grammy

    Dear Ben,
    The garden will be beautiful – and yummy – when it blooms and grows. I will be planting some herbs in pots this year and also some tomatoes. The rest of my veggies will have to come from the local Farmer’s Market.
    Have a great time in Newport! Love, Grammy XXOO

  2. Nan

    HI Ben,
    Good luck with your garden. I hope you, Arthur, and Ethan have better luck with your tomatoes than I do. I think this year I am going to get a spray, non toxic, to prevent bud rot. I also read if you put red around the base of the tomatoes it helps. I am willing to try anything!! I am planning to plant tomatoes of course, cucumbers, peppers, squash,(green and yellow), and I think green onions. I am hoping to have 6 extra hands to help!! I am also planning out my window boxes. Do you have any good ideas?
    Happy gardening
    Love Nan

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