Shakespeare in the Park

Posted On May 9, 2008

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afterbeforeHello everyone!  We recently went to a performance called MT Shakes and they performed scenes from A Mid-summers Night Dream.  They also had some pretty fun workshops.  There were three workshops.  One was a fighting workshop that taught us how to fight like they do in plays.  We learned how to pretend to fight with fists and hair pulling, although no one got hurt, it was incredibly fun to do!  One of the moves that we learned was called “the knap”.  It’s where you make a punching noise by clapping and then a second later, you drop one hand and you slap the side of your face with the other.  The face grabbing makes it look like you really got hurt!  Also, your hands are always in motion to make a visual distraction from the clapping.  The other two classes were rhyming and costume designing.

My brother, Ethan, really enjoyed the classes and the play.  He yelled, and clapped, and laughed during the play.  E’s favorite class was the rhyming class.  In the rhyming class they used one of his ideas and Ethan was incredibly excited by that!  E liked playing all of the games in the rhyming class.

Arthur stayed at home with Dad and they had an awesome day together!  First, they ran a few errands.  Then they went to the dog park with Beary.  Beary had a wonderful time there because there were some dogs there that were right around his size.  They went to Mc Donalds where Arthur had french fries and got a stuffed puppy.  Then they came home and watched Magic School Bus and played on the playscape.  That was their wonderful day.


4 Responses to “Shakespeare in the Park”

  1. Pop Pop


    It sure seems like you and your brothers are enjoying Montana. Your experience with the play is something specail.

    Yesterday, we celebrated Nu Nu’s Birthday early with many of our friends. It was a good time as we all had lunch at the Grill located here at Quail Creek. We then went to the University of Arizona to see a softball game. I can’t belive she is going to be 60!

    Nu Nu and I are really looking forward to our visit.


    Pop Pop nad Nu Nu

  2. Grammy

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the photos and the description of “the wonderful day” for all of you!
    I loved reading about the play-fighting techniques. Your Dad was in an outdoor play production one summer – the Taradiddle Players – formed at our local community college. They performed all over at parks and such. If you ask him I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it – if he hasn’t already.
    I hope you have some fun activities and/or tips planned for the summer.
    Have fun! Love to you, Arthur, Ethan, your parents, and your canine and feline family members! Grammy XXOO

  3. Nan

    Hi Ben,
    The workshop sounds like it was fun and entertaining. What was your favorite workshop?It was nice you posted pictures for all to enjoy. Everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves. I will look forward to your postings on future events.
    Love Nan

  4. Doc

    The paragon of undinstardeng these issues is right here!

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