Redwall Party!!

Posted On April 19, 2008

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Today we went to a redwall party! I want to include a picture, but I have to wait to upload it onto the blog. I will upload it as soon as posible, so sit tight! I will write more when I get the pic!


2 Responses to “Redwall Party!!”

  1. Grammy

    Hi Ben,
    What’s a “Redwall” party?
    This blog thing is really fun! I like being able to chat with you and to find out about how your brother’s are doing.
    It’s over 80 degrees here today – quite unusual for WV in April. I wonder if it’s global warming or just a fluke.
    Love, Grammy

  2. Nan

    Hi Ben,
    I can’t wait to see the pictures. I would be very interested in learning more about the Redwall Party. You know all the details!! I hope you all have fun at the museum on Wednesday. You will have to let me know all about it. Maybe you can take lots of pictures and bring them with you in just 4 short weeks!!! :0).
    Love Nan

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