Well, I guess I’m here!

Posted On April 18, 2008

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The title says all that I’m feeling I guess. I think I should start with an introduction. My name is Ben, and I’m 10 almost 11 years old. It’s a tough age for me. I really want to get OUT THERE and EXPLORE! You’d expect that I would be able to do that, with a home like Montana. Only one problem. I live in a quiet subdivision. But, there IS A nice patch of trees right by our house. It looks so beautiful in the fall. With yellows, and A smidgen of other colors, just to make it pretty.

It’s early spring here, but sometimes it sure isn’t seeming like it! just to prove it, I’ll tell you something funny that happened one day. Me and my brother Ethan were playing outside one day when we decided that we were hungry. I got a blanket and we were just sitting down to eat our snack when BAM!! It started snowing! O.K. either plain dumb luck or bad omen. Which is it? O.K., just downright freaky.

Well, I guess that it’s time to wrap it up. It’s 7:52PM here!


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