Suprise alert (even for me!)

Posted On April 18, 2008

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O.K. I got to get this out before I forget!

Dad saw 5 birds in the past week Ready to hear it? O.K.! Here they are: 3 bald eagles ( bald eagles are my favorite kind of bird!), 1 Great Blue Heron, and, Ready for this, (best for last), and a PELICAN!?! Again, plain freaky!  I mean, We’re 12 hours away from the west coast! Yes, we do have a bunch of lakes around here out in Montana. Oh, and Yellowstone is a few hours away from us. That might explain it. Still, a pelican…


4 Responses to “Suprise alert (even for me!)”

  1. Uncle Mike

    wow. That’s a crazy story… A pelican just isn’t something you see every day! I have a good wild life story; We have a whole family of deer in living in our neighborhood. We often see them in the mornings out back. Just a couple weeks ago we saw them and counted 11 total! That’s a herd!

  2. Heather Baker

    Good Morning Ben!

    I just got your mom’s email about your blog. The boys are still sleeping but when they wake up I’ll have them check it out. I am amazed at the birds your dad saw, how awesome to see a bald eagle! The pelican is a bit strange, but obviously it likes it there in Montana.

    We are looking forward to seeing you when you get here. Have a good day and I hope it doesn’t snow! 🙂

    Miss Heather

  3. Pop Pop


    It is pretty neat. Nu Nu is really into birds and knows lot’s about them. I’ll have her respond later.


    Pop Pop

  4. Grammy

    Hi Ben,
    I really enjoy reading your “blog.” This is a new experience for me – I’m not normally a blogger! I loved reading about the birds in your area – Wow! Bald Eagles! and a Pelican! That IS strange for Montana I think. The deer are still eating at my birdfeeder – and they have also eaten all of my tulips (a delicacy for them!) I have beautiful little yellow Gold Finches eating at my seed sock – they are my favorites. I will read your blog regularly, so please keep writing (you are a very good writer!) Love, Grammy

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